I Thought I Knew God…And Then This Happened

“My life is not my own, to you I belong.

I give myself, I give myself to you.”

– I Give Myself Away by William McDowell

I absolutely love this song! Those words specifically have been a personal motto for my own walk with God. See, I began serving God at around the age of twelve, and I haven’t looked back since.

 My walk with Jesus started off pretty shaky, but, the day I gave him my heart, I gave Him my life too. At this point in my life I attended church regularly. I had even joined the youth worship team along with my brother and sister. Every free moment I had, I spent in church. I knew that this was where I would find the true meaning of my life.

I was desperate for a real change, to feel my heart beat with new life. Years worth of struggling with depression and low self-esteem had me worn out. I was done fighting. I needed an answer.

That’s when one night at a youth service my life was forever changed. I remember running to the altar call, feeling my heart pounding inside my chest. Desperation gripped at my heart like nothing I had ever known before. I don’t remember the words that were spoken by the pastor that night, much less the songs that were sung. All I remember, was running up to the front of the room, desperate to hear something, anything from God.

As the ministers got busy praying for the young people who passed up, a young man made his way over to me. I closed my eyes and I expected him to say a simple prayer and continue on his way. Yet, he didn’t just simply pray and walk away, rather he spoke words to me that I will never forget.

He told me, “You are not alone in your pain. God sees you. He loves you.”

For some, these words are anything but revolutionary. They are simple truths. For me, though, this was the turning point in my life. Up to this moment, I had believed God was some distant man, up in His throne, feeling disappointed in me. He was way too busy to care about the details of my small insignificant life. I believed He simply didn’t care.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. God did care. He cared so much about me that He spoke to some stranger in a small youth service so that I could hear Him for the first time.

I believe that, like me at some point, there are many girls that have never experienced the love of God. They have never been introduced to God as a Father. Look at this bible verse:

For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons (and daughters), by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!”

Romans 8:15 (ESV)

It is believed that the term Abba in Greek is a form of saying Daddy. It is a term of endearment meant to address someone whom one shares an affectionate relationship with.

Did you know that you can know God like that? The one who created the heavens and the earth, and set the Earth on its axis. You can know Him as your Dad. That’s crazy!

So, if you didn’t know that you could have this type of relationship with God, now you do. God loves to hear about our day. He loves to see the great things we accomplish, and is even there when we fail. He hurts when we hurt, and rejoices when we are joyous.

 He simply cares about every aspect of our lives, even those that we neglect.

I encourage you to take time to get to know God. Just like any relationship, we have to get to know Him for ourselves. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you as a father. He is not intimidating. He never stands us off.

If you have never had a father in  your life, God really wants to be there for you. Maybe the men in your life have failed you, but God is not human. He is absolutely perfect and he never fails.

You are not fatherless. You are a daughter.


By Carla Lopez, Co-founder of Empowered Beauty



Published by Empowered Beauty

We are a collective of young women desiring to show God's beauty shinning through His daughters. Empowered = to give authority.

2 thoughts on “I Thought I Knew God…And Then This Happened

  1. Keep your faith! Sometimes the journey seem to get rough but if God is for you who can be against you!!!! Continue to keep your trust in him he has his hand on you!!!


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