Between Two Mountains, There is Always a Valley

“Alright, here is the plan God,” I found myself writing in my journal with determination. “By the age of 21, I want to be offered a full time position at my local church working with youth. At age 23, I will meet the man who will become my husband.  We will share identical callings and passions. After dating for about two years, we will get married by the time I am 25. With the perfect man at my side, I will travel to different parts of the world preaching the Gospel fearlessly. I will be happy, successful and most importantly all my dreams will have come true.”

I closed my journal, gave myself a short pat on the back and smiled naively at the plans that I had traced out for the next seven years of my life. I had convinced myself that God’s sole purpose was to bring about my happiness. Needless to say, the things that I had founded my happiness on were highly superficial.

For years, I believed that as long as I lived a good, quiet Christian life within the four walls of the church, God would take care of all my troubles. I believed with all my heart that hard times were a sign of God’s disapproval of me or that Satan somehow had gained a foothold in my life.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The last two years of my life have been a whirlwind of broken promises, lost hope, disappointment, confusion, transition..and yes…heartbreak. I have sat countless times at the edge of my untidy bed wondering, “Is God really good?” I have drowned my pain is tears, begging God to take away the frustration and anger. Yet, I still remained in the valley.

Through all that I have been going through in my personal life, education, career and ministry, I could still hear the voice of God say, “Between two mountains, there is always a valley.” This simple phrase has kept me standing when the winds have threatened to sweep me off my feet. I even wove this whispered truth into the lyrics of a song I wrote as an anthem of hope for my life.

I have realized through the processing of my character that though I make plans for my life, God’s purposes are still going to come to pass just as he desires. Regardless of what I want.

My favorite verse reads:

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man,
    but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”

Proverbs 19: 21 ESV

around the bend

Sometimes we’ll find ourselves in seasons wondering about what’s waiting just around the corner.

It’s hard to think that anything good can come from our pain and sorrow. Even our disappointment.

Throughout the last year or so, I’ve had to make some tough decisions. At times, I never felt so unsure about my future. Why would God place dreams in my heart just to snatch them away from me when I was so close to reaching them? Isn’t this what HE wanted?

Though at times I’ve felt lost and insecure, I have learned to yield to the voice of the Holy Spirit; the very breath of God on my hear as He whispers truth back into my agonized heart.

I’ve realized that God’s plans always come to pass just as He declared it, but the process doesn’t always look the way we thought it would.

Regardless of whichever part of the wilderness you find yourself in, remember that God is tracing out a path for you even when you are so low you can’t see the end of your trouble.

As I stand on this new mountaintop, I am thankful for the valleys I crossed.

God will once again take you up the mountain but the valley is preparing you  for the climb.

Rejoice, sisters! Victory is in sight!


Carla and paola flowers

Hello there!

Our names are Paola and Carla. And yes…we are identical twins! We are pastors, ministers and young women who are absolutely in love with Christ. Our passion is to empower other young women through the message of Jesus Christ to fulfill their live’s purpose.

Although we are young (23 years old if you’re wondering😉) we have been preaching, teaching and serving in ministry for almost ten years. We hope that through our writing you may be encouraged and empowered to step into the calling that God has over YOUR life.

Thanks for reading, sis!


Always praying for you,




If you need prayer or this article blessed your life in any way, please let us know below! 😁👇


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