How to Fall in Love With Reading Your Bible

5 tips for engaging with scripture and making reading the bible FUN!

There is nothing I love more than sitting down with a sweet drink in hand, colorful highlighters, a pen and my precious ESV Two Column Journaling Bible from Crossway. I love reading the Bible and digging into the truths found in such a precious book.

However, this wasn’t always my relationship with God’s Word. It has been a long journey to get to a place in my life where I really enjoy reading the Bible.

I haven’t always made the time nor the effort to study scripture in a deep and meaningful way. This created an inconsistency in my spiritual life and stunted my growth. I felt unhealthy spiritually and stagnant. I knew that reading the Bible was important, especially as a leader in my church, but it just simply was no FUN!

I wasn’t connecting with scripture and that was a BIG problem.

So quick confession: Several times a week, I tend to grab food from the nearest drive-through fast food restaurant and head 60 miles an hour down the highway because I have to get to my next engagement. I don’t savor my food. I simply shove food in my mouth to keep myself from passing out for the next several hours. Please don’t judge me. Ya’ll know you do it too!

This method of feeding myself is neither healthy nor sustainable. In the end, I’ll keep myself alive but not well fed. Being alive is not the same thing as thriving and growing!

I know that finding the time to sit down and read your Bible can be daunting, let alone actually taking time to study it. While it might seem overwhelming (I mean, where do you even start?), taking time to really dig into scripture is crucial for spiritual growth.

Before I continue I would like to recommend that you get a journaling Bible. Journaling Bibles are specifically designed for note taking in mind.

Click here to view the journaling Bible that I use for my personal quiet time:

Now, I want to share some tips that helped me personally fall in love with the Bible and start having FUN as I connected with scripture!

Here we go!


I used to think that writing on and highlighting my Bible was a sin compared to heresy. How could I possibly mark God’s Holy Word?

In actuality, marking our Bible (aka. Printed copies of ancient texts) is not a sin and can actually be a form of worship. By getting creative and writing in the margins of our personal Bible and highlighting texts that stand out to us, we are causing scripture to come alive to us. We can even write down our prayers!

Check out my personal Bible below:

I love circling, marking and writing notes about what I learned from a text. I even take sermon notes in my Bible or on a sticky note.  (If you would like me to go more in depth on how I study and process scripture, just leave a comment below.)

By adding color with fun bible tabs (I have the ones from Bibles x Coffee) or highlighters, reading and studying the Bible is a whole lot more enjoyable and engaging for me!



Along with writing in your Bible, take time to journal your thoughts and elaborate on what you’re learning. If you don’t own a journaling Bible or need more space to write, keeping a Bible or scripture journal is a great way to get your thoughts on paper.

I enjoy looking back at old journals and seeing how far I have come in my journey with God. I can see in what areas God has worked in my life and how mature I’ve become over the years.

This can also be a great way to set up stone markers of where you’ve been and align yourself to get to where God is taking you.



Reading the Bible isn’t just about literally picking up your Bible, opening up to a random page and reading random verses. I am totally guilty of doing this by the way!

Reading the Bible is about actually learning something and connecting more intimately with God. I love using The Bible App from YouVersion and following along with their reading plans. Some last from three to ten days. Some an entire month. There is literally a Bible reading plan for all aspects of your life!

You can also select a book of the Bible and start digging in. That is what I have been doing this past month. I went through the whole book of Ephesians in about two weeks and loved it!

I feel like I ate a well balanced meal because I took special care to dissect passages I was unsure about and research words that I didn’t understand. I made sure to really take my time making notes. I wanted to take as much in from each passage as possible.



While nothing can replace quiet time alone with God, sometimes joining a Bible study group, whether in person or online, can really fuel our passion for God’s Word. I personally love watching other YouTubers disclose how they study scripture and following along with their Bible studies.

Also, if you are part of a local church, set aside time to attend prayer and Bible study services. As a pastor, I witness how many people overlook these kinds of services when they should actually be the most important ones to attend!

You do not have to study the Bible on your own. Leaders and teachers are great resources to use. By sitting under great teaching at your local church, you are placing yourself in an environment to thrive.

If your church does not have a Bible study group that you can join or doesn’t fit your needs, try calling up some friends and creating your own. There is power in community! You do not all have to be super theologians or Bible scholars; just pick a passage and begin digging in. By doing this in a group setting, insightful conversation can be sparked!

And finally (drum roll please)…

TIP #5: Pray, pray, pray!!!

I can’t stress how important it is to pray when reading scripture. We can have all the resources in the world but if we don’t take time to ask the Holy Spirit to open our understanding, we will gain very little from our Bible studies.

I remember when I first started walking with the Lord that I really struggled to understand the Bible. I would read tons of Bible verses but I found myself getting confused. I needed HELP!!!

So…I began to pray. I asked the Lord to open up my understanding and to give me supernatural wisdom to understand and apply His Word. By slowing down the pace of my anxious mind and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me as I read scripture, I began to actually connect with what I was reading. I had my aha! moment.

You too can have this moment if you slow it down, pray and meditate on scripture!


Reading the Bible doesn’t have to overwhelming and confusing. It can be fun and engaging if you use the right tools and create a routine that works for you.

Now close your browser and get to reading sister! Love you!


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