How to Overcome Indecision and Confusion

I remember having to make a very difficult decision at twenty-two years of age.

I felt completely alone as I contemplated taking a step that would potentially change my entire life. This decision was no small feat. I felt confused and burdened by the weight of indecision.

In life, we are going to encounter moments when we have no choice but to step out regardless of whether we are sure of what’s going to happen next or not. We are not always afforded the luxury of standing by, waiting for decisions to make themselves.

However, it can be tough when we don’t know what decision to make. It makes it even harder when we feel like God Himself is not giving us much to go on.

Listen up girly, no matter how confused or alone you feel, God is still with you, even when you don’t feel Him.

But, what do we do when we feel confused? How do we step out of confusion and into decisiveness? How do we contend for the Lord’s perfect leading while also stepping out in faith even when we can’t feel Him?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, well, my friends, this post is for YOU!

I want to share with you 3 tips for how I’ve learned to overcome confusion (not perfectly…but as best as I can) when it hits unexpectedly.

Confusion Blog post

1) Keep walking according to the last instructions that God gave you.

Hold on to the words that the Lord already spoke to you. If God has already placed it in your heart to pursue a certain career, ministry or strategic relationship, keep walking that out.

Many times God won’t give us more because we haven’t been faithful with what He has already given us. If we can obey the leading of the Holy Spirit in the small things He will definitely guide us in the bigger things! (Luke 16:10)

Sometimes we want to run ahead of God and end up overwhelming ourselves in the process. I recently went through this! I turned myself into a nervous wreck and it was completely unnecessary.

Sometimes, getting out of a confusion rut is as simple as placing one foot in front of the other, going towards the only direction you know to go.

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This is why I keep a “prophetic word” journal. This notebook contains notes on nudges that the Holy Spirit has given my heart.

If I feel a specific tug on my heart from God, I write it down and pray about it.

If you don’t like keeping a journal, write down what God shows you on your “Notes” app in your phone. Then you can go back and scroll through what God has been speaking to you! 😊

In my journal I also keep track of words of knowledge that I’ve received from other pastors ministers. Some of these words are confirmations to what God has already spoken to me in private and some are new instructions from the Lord.

The idea here is to keep a record of when you have felt God guiding you in a specific way. It is so refreshing to look back at what you wrote and be reminded of what God said to you!

2) Anchor yourself in God’s presence.

Sometimes when it feels like our lives are spinning out of control, we need to hit the brakes and center ourselves again.

Slow it down, sister!

Whenever I’m feeling flustered it’s usually a sign that I’m doing too much of what I want versus what God is leading me to do.

It’s important to center ourselves on truth (God’s words in scripture) and stabilize our minds. As 1 Corinthians 14: 33 says:

For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.

It’s okay to not have all the answers, but where are you turning to for peace?

When confusion hits, we can get desperate to find answers to all our questions. We may feel like we need to make a decision right away about an important matter.

However, if we step out and start trying to fight confusion in our own strength, we can end up stepping outside of God’s perfect will.

I find that in times when I need to make a decision, the best thing to do is to go before God in prayer, fasting and ask for a specific confirmation. If I don’t receive a specific confirmation, I stand still and wait or make the best decision I know how to based on what God has already spoken to me before in the secret place.

3) Know your “why.”

As a young woman trying to live in a way that honors God and the calling that He has placed in my life (Ephesians 4:1), it is so important for me to make decisions that align fully with God’s Word.

In the past, I’ve made decisions that I have then completely regretted. In retrospect, I can clearly see how those decisions did not fit into the “why” of my life.

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Our “why” in life is what we know to be our reason for being on this earth at this specific time and season. It can be as broad as to glorify God with all our life or as narrowed down as a specific ministry God wants us to exercise.

I have deep convictions and values in my life that reflect who God has called me to be. As a pastor and minister, I believe in integrity, purity and pursuing God’s purpose for my life above all other wordly pursuits.

This means that every decision I make in my life has to reflect these core values.

By outlining what I believe to be God’s purpose for my life, I then make decisions that align accordingly.

So, beauty…

What do you feel is God’s calling for you? What makes your heart burn with yearning? What do you know God has already spoken to you in the past?

Has He spoken through another person to reveal certain assignments that He wants you to complete? Do these things align with the truth of scripture?

These are all great questions for you to ask yourself in order to find your “why” in life and remain focused even in the midst of confusing seasons.



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Hello there!

Our names are Paola and Carla. And yes…we are identical twins! We are pastors, ministers and young women who are absolutely in love with Christ. Our passion is to empower other young women through the message of Jesus Christ to fulfill their live’s purpose.

Although we are young (23 years old if you’re wondering😉) we have been preaching, teaching and serving in ministry for almost ten years. We hope that through our writing you may be encouraged and empowered to step into the calling that God has over YOUR life.

Thanks for reading, sis!


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