Is God really talking to me? | How to Hear the Voice of God+ Bonus Tip

“God, is that you?” I blurted as I sat up quickly in my bed. I was completely alone in the room when I heard a voice speak to me. Now, I knew I hadn’t heard the voice audibly, but it was so clear I felt as if I looked up I would see someone standing in the room with me.

This was one of the first times I heard God speak to me and it certainly wasn’t the last.

Whenever I would read stories in the Bible of God speaking to people, I would get so excited. I had so many questions and just thinking that I had direct access to the One who could answer them all made me giddy.

However, I would quickly learn that hearing the voice of God is a journey. And a wild one at that!

God doesn’t speak to people in conventional ways. He chooses clever and often time’s creative ways to get specific messages across to us. At times, we can obviously tell God is speaking to us but other times, we are left wondering if there is anyone up there listening.

Today, I would like to offer my two cents on how you can start your journey to hearing God more clearly and offer some advice on how you can tell if what you’re hearing is truly coming from the Lord.

So, let’s do this!


TIP #1: You need to have a constant prayer and devotional life.

Now, God can and does talk to anyone any which way He pleases. I’ve heard stories of people who were deeply lost in sin and yet they heard the voice of God clearly calling them to repentance. However, some of us can be doing all the “right” things and still feel like we’re not hearing from God.

I want to clarify that God is sovereign and He does as He pleases. He may reveal Himself to people who don’t want anything to do with Him while it feels like He is hiding from those who seek Him and love Him. Regardless, God knows what He is doing.

The point is, if we want to hear God more clearly, we have to fine tune our hearts to God’s frequency. One of the main reasons I’ve found that people don’t hear from God is because they don’t pray.

God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.

John 4:24

The way that we get to know God and relate to Him is different than the way we relate to people we can physically see. Getting closer to the Lord requires spiritual discipline so our hearts can be softened to hear and receive His words.

God is always speaking something. When we make it a habit to pray, fast, and read the Bible, we open our spiritual ears to hear what He is saying.

TIP #2: Read your Bible.

This tip is closely related to tip number one. However, I want to emphasize the importance of studying scripture when wanting to grow in our ability to hear God.

The Lord is never going to tell you something personally or through another person that does not align with the Bible (we will discuss this in more detail further on).

By becoming more intentional about reading the Bible (and actually studying it 😉), you will realize that many of the questions you have, are already answered in scripture. Everything you need is already in there.

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. 

2 Timothy 3:16-17

Reading the Bible can become something fun that strengthens your relationship with God. Find out more on how to fall in love with reading your Bible by clicking here.

God’s voice sounds a lot like what’s already in your Bible. By looking to what God already said you can start becoming more aware of what He is saying now.

TIP #3: Have faith!

There are going to be moments when you think that God isn’t talking to you, but He actually is!

I can remember many instances when I felt a small prompting in my heart to do or say something. Strangely, though, it wasn’t something that I would normally say or do. After stepping out in faith, I realized that God was speaking to me the whole time!

rosie-fraser-592592-unsplash (2).jpg

My obedience to those small nudges of the Holy Spirit proved to always lead me down some really cool scenarios.

For example, not too long ago I attended a youth retreat out of sheer obedience. I wasn’t even planning on being there.

During the worship set, I remember glancing at a young girl who was about 12 years old. I felt that she needed God to confirm to her that He was real. I walked up to her and began to pray for her. I simply told her: “You’ve been asking God if He is real. Well, this is Him telling you that He is.”

Immediately this young girl began to cry with a huge smile on her lips. God spoke to her, and He did it through me. It was exhilarating!

As I’ve continue to follow that “still small voice” on a more consistent basis, it has become easier to do what it says. Now, I hear God more frequently because I know how to pick out His voice in the crowd.

Hearing the voice of God is all about stepping out in faith, being obedient in everything. Even the little things!


And now, my final piece of advice…



God never contradicts scripture or makes us feel guilty and dirty. One surefire way to know if what you’re hearing is the voice of God is to compare that voice to the voice of God in the Bible.

I’ve had some crazy experiences in which a person has come up to me to bring a “word from the Lord,” and to my dismay what they had to say did not align with scripture whatsoever.

One woman, after I had preached a sermon to a group of students, grabbed my hands and began to “prophesy” to me. Everything that she said completely glorified me and not God. The “word” she gave me was more about my ego than about doing God’s will!

Immediately I felt uncomfortable because I knew what the voice of my Daddy sounded like, and that was not it.

This does not mean that I was disrespectful to this person, but I did not allow what she said to get planted in my heart.

I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing what the Bible says in order to judge between the voice of God, our own thoughts and the voice of the enemy. Hearing from God requires us to do our ground work and stand firm on truth.


I hope that you were blessed by this blog post.


With all the love in the world,

Paola Nicole




Carla and paola flowers

Hello there!

Our names are Paola and Carla. And yes…we are identical twins! We are pastors, ministers and young women who are absolutely in love with Christ. Our passion is to empower other young women through the message of Jesus Christ to fulfill their live’s purpose.

Although we are young (23 years old if you’re wondering😉) we have been preaching, teaching and serving in ministry for almost ten years. We hope that through our writing you may be encouraged and empowered to step into the calling that God has over YOUR life.

Thanks for reading, sis!


Always praying for you,





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