Who We Are:

Carla Yorro:

Carla is twenty-four years old, passionate about worship and reaching other girls with the message of God’s Word. Through singing and playing keyboard, she desires to minister to God’s heart and inspire others to worship boldly. She believes that radical worship can bring about breakthrough in our lives. She loves Chic-fil-A any day, shopping for home decor and spending time with her family. She has recently married the love of her life, Daniel Yorro, and together they lead the worship team at their home church. Carla is also a Licensed Minister of the Assemblies of God and serves within the Florida Multicultural Distric A/G.

Paola Lopez

Paola is twenty-four years old and pastors alongside her family. She is passionate about youth ministry and mentoring young women and girls. She also leads worship, has a passion for writing, preaching and teaching God’s Word. She is passionate about reaching young women who have a desire to enter into ministry. She loves to play guitar, journal and shop wherever there’s a good sale going on. Paola is also a Licensed Minister of the Assemblies of God and serves within the Florida Multicultural Distric A/G.

Our Story:

We started our ministry in 2015 and launched our first ever one-day Empowered Beauty conference in 2016. With over a hundred girls in attendance, we knew God wanted us to share what we knew with these young women and to create a movement here in Central Florida!

We started writing blogs and creating video content for the millennial girl needing some encouragement on how to walk with God in her everyday life. We share stories from our personal experience in ministry, life and relationships while also sharing biblical truth that will help you grow in your spiritual walk.

We’ve had some incredible opportunities to speak at difference events and churches, sharing what God has taught us through the years of serving in ministry with some awesome groups of girls and young women.

Whether it’s been preaching to a large crowd, visiting a school campus or sitting down with half a dozen girls to teach, our mission has always been the same: to EMPOWER young women with the uncompromising truth of scripture.

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