I’m Going Deeper, Follow If You Will

Have you ever felt like there is more to life than what you are experiencing? Maybe you attend church every single week, like clockwork, or maybe you’ve never set foot in a house of worship; either way I am writing this to you. I am writing this to the dreamer who feels the calling ofContinue reading “I’m Going Deeper, Follow If You Will”

What To Do When You Feel Discouraged

Ugh! Seriously? Are you kidding me? Again? I can’t do this anymore. I’m so tired. How much more can I take before I give up? Is it really worth it? Any of these sound familiar. Well, for most us, they do. These are questions and thoughts that we have all had when we feel discouraged.Continue reading “What To Do When You Feel Discouraged”

Why the Millennial Generation Can Change the World

If you are reading this, there is a huge probability that you are a millennial. Yes, that’s right. You were possibly born anywhere between the 1980s or the 2000s. You might like coffee and absolutely love internet. You think about flip phones and wonder how we ever managed. To you, The Parent Trap and theContinue reading “Why the Millennial Generation Can Change the World”

3 Reasons Why Every Young Woman Needs Wisdom

As a twenty-one-year-old, I have often looked around at my generation; a coffee loving, authentic living, and traveling obsessed generation, and have felt proud to be a part of it. We grew up with touchscreen phones and iPods, and have never known a world without the internet. We are considered to be the most intelligentContinue reading “3 Reasons Why Every Young Woman Needs Wisdom”