Fearless: A Virtual Experience for Young Women

Hi Beauties!

By the title of this blog you can probably tell what we are announcing.

Yes! During this whole COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to get creative and host a virtual conference, where we can all gather and hear the word of God.

We are having two awesome sisters, Ashley and Shirley, as our musical guests. They’re a true inspiration, and their music is amazing! We love seeing young women passionate for God, and following the call He has placed in their lives.

Also, our very own former youth pastor from when we were teenagers, Pastor Cristina Bonilla, will be bringing a powerful word on being fearless. This will be such an amazing message!

We have a few more guests to announce this week, so check out our social media for more updates!

Why host this conference now?

As the world has turned upside down (at least it feels like it!), we believe that many women have become overly anxious, fearful, and withdrawn. Though times are tough, tougher than some of us have ever experienced, we believe our hope should remain in Jesus Christ.

Trust me, I can relate to the feelings of overwhelming, dreadful fear, as I am currently a registered nurse working in my hospital’s first designated COVID-19 unit. I remember when they first announced that our unit would be converted in order to receive all appropriate level of care patients being tested or positive for this virus. I was terrified, and I admit I shed a few anxiety filled tears. Regardless, I had to walk into work, and face my fear every shift. I had to go and take care of those who needed it the most.

That’s our heart behind this online experience. To fill you with hope. Though you are afraid, could you love those around you and see their need?

God has called us as His daughters to spread hope and good news. The amazing, powerful good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That our eternity will be spent with God in paradise, and that Jesus won the victory in the cross of Calvary. That He holds the power to heal and resurrect.

So, we hope that as you tune in on April 25th from 6:00-8:00pm, God will touch your heart and set it ablaze to light this world with His divine light.

Be brave sister, the world needs it.


Carla Yorro, Cofounder of Empowered Beauty


My thoughts about God’s unconditional love.

So, I recently made a life altering decision. I got a puppy!

I have never really considered myself an animal person. I had a dog for about fourteen years and hardly paid her any mind. Until she was gone.

No, she’s not gone gone. But, she no longer lives with me. My wonderful sister got married and in keeping good to her promise, she took our beloved dog with her.

While I always admitted that I wouldn’t be too sad to see Niña go (yes, our dog’s name is girl in Spanish), the day I came home and she was gone I had mixed feelings. I was used to hearing her cry every time she needed to be let out or wanted a drink of water. Not hearing her trot around the house looking for a place to nap left me feeling rather empty.

So I did what any rational human being in my situation would do, I got a new puppy a week after my over a decade old dog was gone from my home. Great idea, right!

Everyone, meet Harley!

After having this adorable guy in my life for a few months, I have learned a ton!

I’m no expert dog mama, despite my fourteen years of previous passive experience, but I’m learning everyday to take care of my little black fur ball. Harley’s teaching me so much about the way that God takes care of us!

I would like to share what I’ve learned so far:

1) No matter what we do, God will still loves us and takes care of us.

For those of you considering getting a puppy or a new pet, please, I beg you, reconsider what you are getting yourself into.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my little Harley and I’m so happy to have his companionship. However, he is a handful.

Halfway into the second week of having my little guy home I broke down in tears in the middle of taking him out for a potty break! I was so frustrated that Harley kept “going” inside.

No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work. Yet, regardless of how many times Harley soiled a rug or chewed through another cable, I still kept getting up to take care of him.

I recognize that Harley is my new responsibility. I have to get up early every morning to let him out and feed him. No matter how many times I have to scold or punish Harley, I still love him!

God’s love for us is the same way. He knows that we are growing and maturing every day. Just like I know that with discipline and constant attention Harley will eventually grow out of his puppy behaviors, so God knows that through being processed by Him we will mature.

No matter how many times Harley chews through something of mine or steals shoes from someone’s room, I still love my little guy. I may punish him for a time, but he will always be fed, groomed and cared for.

God’s love is constant. Something the human mind fails to comprehend. We love as we feel. God loves because He chooses to.

2) God cares about the details of our lives.

So, when you have a puppy, there are so many things you have to worry about. Making sure he’s eating right, getting enough exercise, being groomed properly and not getting into trouble.

I also have to make sure that Harley is receiving enough attention or he cries (ridiculous, I know).

There are so many little details that I look over when it comes to my little fur ball and God is no different. The love of God is so incredible in that in all His majesty and grandeur, He still chooses to focus on the insignificant part of our lives. Or those we think are insignificant.

I’ve had the Holy Spirit speak into different aspects of my life that I never imagined He cared about. Whether it’s my finances or the daily decisions I make, God is always there.

No part of our lives are insignificant to God. God’s love is immeasurable. He cares for us.

When I was younger I was afraid to pray to God about certain desires in my heart. I thought He would reject my prayers by default because they weren’t the most pressing matter on the face of the earth.

I mean God clearly has bigger things to worry about than whether I get a promotion or the application I put in goes through, right? Wrong! God cares about everything we do!

Even though I’m busy and oftentimes tired, I still make time to take Harley out for walks or play with him in the yard. All because I love him and care about him.

And if this girl who swore off pets for the rest of her life can sum up love for a little puppy, how much more the creator of the universe. God loves us and cares about the details of our lives.

3) God wants what is best for us, even if it’s not what we want for ourselves.

Something that Harley does that drives me absolutely crazy is that he keeps trying to chew and eat everything! Shoes, cables, water bottles and the corners of walls. Nothing’s off limits.

While Harley thinks it’s fun to chew on and swallow pieces of these things, I know that it could seriously harm him. Eating non-digestible items could require surgery to remove any blockage in his bowels.

Because I know that Harley, being a puppy, doesn’t understand this, I have to be extra watchful. I try to never leave him unsupervised. If I catch him chewing on something he’s not supposed to, I promptly remove it from his reach.

Obviously, Harley doesn’t like when I do this. In his mind, he’s just having a good old time enjoying his new toy. But I know the real danger.

God is just like that. He tries to keep things from us for our own good while we whine and complain about delayed gratification. We blame God for our discontentment thinking him to be selfish and cruel. In fact, God is actually being merciful.

Imagine if God was disengaged and distant, just allowing things to happen to us. What if He never cared about our circumstances? What if we got ourselves into a mess thinking it would be our blessing, and yet God never warned us? Or better yet, prevented it?

But hallelujah, God is not like that.

He is a lot like this crazy dog mamma talking to you right now. Cautious and attentive. He warns us for own good and every so often gives us a light tap in the rear end so we get the message straight.

Thing is, taking care of a little animal has taught me so much about the way God cares for us. Harley is dependent on me and my family for literally everything. To keep him clean, fed, healthy and comfortable.

Can I invite you today to be this dependent on God? Depend on Him for your needs and wants. God loves you and he will take care of you!

No matter what situation you are going through, God is attentive.


Hi beauties!

My name is Paola Nicole. I am twenty-four years old and I pastor an incredible church with my family in Central Florida. I am passionate about youth ministry and mentoring young women and girls. I love leading worship, teaching and preaching God’s Word. My desire is to see a generation of young women armed with truth and ready to take on the challenge of accepting God’s call into ministry.

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Hey everyone! It’s been a while, but I’m so glad to be back writing and sharing all that God has been teaching me. It’s been crazy around here in the Empowered Beauty family. 

Life update; I got married!

This season of my life has been so surreal. From the wedding to settling into our new home, it all has stirred up many thoughts in my head.

So, today I would like to share with you five lessons I have learned from my first month of marriage. Whether you are single, dating, engaged, or married, these are for you!

1) Preparation is key.

During my season of being a single girl, just doing her thing, I wasted no time reading, researching, praying, and speaking to others about relationships.

Never had entering into a romantic relationship myself, I knew there was so much learning to be done. Instead of focusing on finding a husband, I left that up to God.

I chose to invest my time into going to nursing school, traveling, hanging with friends, and serving in ministry. I could obsess over every guy that walked into the room, or I could just trust that God’s plan for me would work out.

This is not to say that I didn’t pray for a husband. I did keep my eyes open (wide open!), but I didn’t make this my only priority. I wanted to ensure that when I met someone, they would find in me a well-rounded woman. A woman who had been diligent with her time, and prepared to be an amazing wife.

There are great bloggers out there like Girl Defined and Whole Magazine, to mention some of my favorites. These were safe, biblically sound places where I could read and learn and get some biblical perspective on how to date in a God honoring way.

This is your time sister, invest in you!

2) Marriage is for grown-ups.

Alright, this one really resonates with me. Maturity plays a huge part in the success of a romantic relationship.

So many girls expect to have a healthy, God honoring relationship, without putting in the effort to mature and grow. Yes sister, I said effort!

Here’s what I mean. You may think that the growth of a plant requires no effort on it’s part. After all, it just sits there and grows, right? Well, not exactly. See, a plant needs to absorb water and nutrients, and convert sunlight into energy to aid in it’s growth.

Maturity works just like that. We have to put effort into seeking council when a conflict needs resolution. We must put forth effort into asking for forgiveness, even when we don’t think we are wrong. We must put effort into loving and caring for another person.

Point is; maturity is hard work!

 It wasn’t until I began dating Daniel (my amazing husband!), that I realized how many insecurities I carried inside. These insecurities led me to act immaturely on many occasions.

I had to learn to not keep score and communicate, despite feeling fearful of not being heard. If you want to have a relationship that is truly fulfilling, you have to put in the effort to grow up!

3) Perfection is overrated.

Life is not a movie. Trust me.

I am a hard core fan of the Hallmark Christmas movies where predictability is their signature and everything always turns out wonderful. But, that’s just not how life works.

My personality tends towards idealism. This means, that I tend to view the world as I would like it to be, not as it truly is. Oftentimes, this leads to disappointment. During our dating season, Daniel and I would clash over my unmet expectations and my lack of communication about them.

Our very first Valentine’s day was a disaster due to my crazy amount of impossible expectations. We lived an hour away from each other at the time, and we were both very busy that day.

I worked a 12-hour shift at the hospital, and he was swamped with college work. When we finally got to speak that night, he barely acknowledged the day. I angrily hung up the phone that night and refused to speak to him because my feelings were so hurt.

This is all to say, that we might create these crazy expectations in our heads about what dating or marriage should look like, but these might not be realistic. Not only that, we can spend so much time living inside our own heads, that we forget to appreciate the moments happening right before us.

The moments with the ones we love may not be perfect. But, in their imperfection they are perfect for us.

4) I am not my only priority anymore. Sometimes, I come second!

From the very beginning of our union, my husband and I made an agreement to not give each other the silent treatment. Instead, we would bravely and respectfully communicate about our frustrations. We realized being petty only robbed us of the connection we shared.

Let me tell you though, it takes a whole lot of selflessness to not be petty during an argument. It feels good, in the moment at least, to put on a sad face or even shed a tear when you’re angry. Whatever it takes to make the other person involved feel horrible about what they’ve done.

In the end, though, I’ve learned that acting this way is not only contrary to what Jesus teaches us, but it takes way too much energy, you know what I mean? It’s so much simpler to stop keeping score, and instead choose to forgive those who hurt us. Not only that, it’s so much more peaceful.

So, yes, our feisty inner self may want to raise their voice and say hurtful words. But when I place myself in second place, and choose to love the other person more than myself, love wins.

5) If you’re lazy, you don’t eat.

This lessons was a big one for me. I’ve never been a lazy or idle person. Let me tell you though, marriage is so much work!

I’ve been so challenged these last few weeks. From making sure the house stays clean so that my husband can come home to a beautiful house. Running errands on my days off, worrying about paying all the bills on time, cooking, and the list goes on and on.

My husband is such a big help, but I’ve come to realize how vital a woman’s role is in maintaining a home that a family can flourish in. It’s made me appreciate my mom for sure (love you mom!).

I mean, look at what this Bible verse teaches us;

10 For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.

2 Thessalonians 3:10

Basically, we cannot reap a harvest if we don’t plant anything in the ground. Also, we must care for what we’ve sown.

In order to have a romantic relationship (or any relationship, really), that flourishes, we must be willing to work. Willing to communicate, work out issues, do nice things for each other, spend time together, the list goes on and on. Relationships take hard work, and only those who are willing to put in the work, can reap the harvest.

Ladies, I hope this quick blog post has inspired you and taught you some new things.

In a nutshell, I want you to understand that to have an amazing romantic relationship with the man of your dreams will require some preparation on your part. Oh, but it’s so worth it.

Until next time,

Carla Yorro

Hello Beauty!

Our names are Carla and Paola. And yes…we are identical twins! We are pastors, ministers and young women who are absolutely in love with Christ. Our passion is to empower other young women through the message of Jesus Christ to fulfill their live’s purpose.

Although we are young (24 years old if you’re wondering) we have been preaching, teaching and serving in ministry for almost ten years. We hope that through our writing you may be encouraged and empowered to step into the calling that God has over YOUR life.

Thanks for reading!

Always praying for you,

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I remember about a year ago that I was seriously confronted about my level of influence after a prayer service at church.

As I stood by the door greeting some of those who had attended the prayer service that night, one of the young girls I pastor excitedly pointed at my ear and exclaimed, “See mom! Pastora has her ears pierced. Why can’t I get mine pierced too?”

I was mortified. The student’s mom just looked at me with a pleading look on her face as if to say, “Please do something.”

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have three earrings on each of my ears. While I know some of you may not agree with even having one, I personally don’t have a problem with it.

Regardless of how I felt about ear piercings, at that moment God ordained a teachable moment for me and that young girl.

I quickly explained to my youth kid that while I had multiple piercings, I had gotten permission from my mom, even though I am a young woman in my twenties. Furthermore, I paid for them myself and I made sure that I didn’t get them for the wrong reasons.

The girl’s mom seemed pleased with the answer but I was left stunned. They both walked away understanding my point and having peace between each other restored, but my heart was troubled.

Had I misunderstood the importance of influence?

We all have a level of influence.

How many of us have the same situations rise up in our lives? Have you ever had a moment when you realized that your level of influence in someone’s life might be greater than you imagined?

Maybe you’re a mom who was surprised to hear your child say something inappropriate only to find out that they heard it from you. Maybe you’re a Christian who keeps a low profile at your workplace and suddenly gets asked for prayer and advice without having to promote your faith.

We all have a level of influence regardless of our leadership status or the size of our platform. We don’t need thousands of followers on Instagram or subscribers to our Youtube channel to start making a difference.

You can influence your classmates, teachers, club members, family, small circle of friends, neighbors and the people you meet every day!

The enemy distracts us from God’s purpose for our lives by making us feel that what we are doing for the Lord is insignificant. By making you think that your influence is too small or that no one will listen to you, the enemy of your soul keeps your level of influence from growing.

Don’t fall back sister. Use your Godly influence today!

Leverage your influence.

To leverage means to use something to it’s maximum advantage. By leveraging our influence, we are choosing to place a megaphone over our voice and allow what God is trying to do through us to be heard.

I used to feel frustrated because I wanted to reach a high volume of people or make a big impact based on my own definition of significance. However, if I can’t be faithful with reaching the few dozen people God has called me to minister to, how can I worry about reaching the masses?

I want to encourage you to leverage your level of influence wherever you find yourself. Speak out in a small setting when it would be easier to stay silent and it will become easier to speak out in a more intimidating environment!

Maybe you aren’t a leader in your sphere of influence, but you know you have a voice that other people will listen to. Use it!

Let’s get practical.

So, hopefully by know, you understand the power of your influence no matter how big or small. But, how do you begin using it?

Here are a few practical things you can start doing now:

1) Start small.

Whether it’s working to influence your coworkers, children, spouse or your social media friends, start by using your influence in these seemingly insignificant settings.

Maybe you can start a Bible study at home with your family or a prayer circle at lunch with your coworkers. Whatever you decide to do, please don’t be afraid to start small!

I used to think that for something to be a God thing, it had to be big right away. However, God has shown me that harvesting the fruit of my labor is a slow process. Plus, God will only increase your level of influence in congruence to your level of character.

2) Get our of your comfort zone.

If you want to be an influencer to this generation, you need to literally hate comfort. Influencers, those who bring lasting change, are those who forsake their own comfort to see transformation in others.

For me, writing this blog, is a huge step outside of my comfort zone! I love writing but I always worried that no one would listen to what I had to say. However, stepping out of my comfort zone and saying “yes” to God will bring about fruit I may never see.

So, how can you step out of your comfort zone and leverage your influence to make a permanent impact? Only the brave are recalled in history!

Think of that big dream you’ve had in your heart for years to influence people. Take a step towards it today. It might be uncomfortable and you may not have people’s backing, but go for it!

3) Use what you’ve got!

Hey listen, if you feel called to influence others or lead, don’t wait to have all the pieces perfectly together to start. Don’t wait to get that degree or marry that man to start walking in your God-given influence. And I say this for myself as well!

Sometimes we wait around for the “right” season or timing, oftentimes missing the NOW moment. Jesus at one point looks at his earthly mother when she asks him for a miracle and says, “It is not yet my time.”

She ignores him and long story short, Jesus does the miracle. I don’t know if it was her faith or the need in front of him, but Jesus moved in a NOW moment.

How many of us are waiting around for our fifth confirmation from the Lord or for the affirmation of others? Use what you’ve got right now and start using your influence!

Your influence matters.

Dear sister, please don’t sit on your dream or God assignment any longer. Your level of influence, whether it’s over one or one hundred, has significance. Imagine how impactful our faith would be if every Christian decided to start mobilizing their level of influence!

Believe or not, all of us have people observing what we do. Someone is looking at your life today and taking note of the way you live your life for Christ. What will they see?

Go out there and use your influence for God’s glory!

With all the love in the world,

Our names are Carla and Paola. And yes…we are identical twins! We are pastors, ministers and young women who are absolutely in love with Christ. Our passion is to empower other young women through the message of Jesus Christ to fulfill their live’s purpose.

Although we are young (24 years old if you’re wondering) we have been preaching, teaching and serving in ministry for almost ten years. We hope that through our writing you may be encouraged and empowered to step into the calling that God has over YOUR life.

Thanks for reading!

Always praying for you,

God Doesn’t Just Want You to Reach Your Potential, He Wants You to Fulfill His Purpose

I believe that the millennial generation struggles deeply with this idea of reaching your potential. As I millennial myself, I wrestle with the notion that God has this one calling for our lives that we must achieve against all odds.

For a long time I believed that I existed on this earth to reach my full potential. I was created for this one thing that I must search out for the entirety of my life until I reach it.

Having this idea of God’s calling for my life, however, has left me feeling rather empty.

I have wrapped my identity around the things that I believed were my calling and when I felt like I wasn’t reaching the level of influence or advancement that I believed I should be, I felt like I had misheard God somehow.

Why wasn’t I living to my fullest potential? Had I missed the mark?

I am walking out what God had called me to do. I am a pastor, minister and preacher. I’m reaching the people God called me to minister to. I’m fulfilling my purpose, it just doesn’t look the way that I expected it to.

Here is the definition of the word potential according to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

Potential: existing in possibility; capable of development into actuality.

Potential is all about leaving your life’s purpose up to chance. Do you really believe that God is going to allow the purpose of your life to ride on the existence of a possibility? Absolutely not!

Potential says you could be someday while purpose says step into it right now. We should seek to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives! Check it out the definition of purpose:

Purpose: something set up as an object or end to be attained.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The purpose of a thing or person is set from the moment of it’s creation. God designed our lives with a specific purpose in mind. We are not imparted potential within our talents to stay stagnant full of dreams. There is more to your life than potential!

If we obsess about the idea of potential, we might just miss our purpose.

I remember when my pastor asked me to help one of our ailing campus churches. The church needed a young assistant pastor to help the church revitalize itself.

I knew in my heart that I was meant to lead and God was calling me to a season of growth and change. I tentatively accepted my pastor’s commission, believing that God was calling me to walk into my full potential.

That particular season of stepping into the pastorate on my own was extremely difficult. I was crushed, beaten and stepped on in ways I never imagined.

I knew I had the potential to be a great leader and preacher. However, this was not what I believed God would use. This was not what I believed would catapult me from potential to purpose.

If I had looked at this season of going back into obscurity and anonymity as a roadblock to fulfilling my potential, I would have never found my true purpose.

In the place that I am today in ministry, I see the process of laying down my “maybe” and “could be” for purpose as my biggest blessing. There is great satisfaction in knowing that my potential is fulfilled within God’s calling and perfect will.

God wants you to step into obedience, not self-promotion.

Over the years I have been made offers I could hardly resist. I’ve had my ego puffed up by the slick words of those that refuse to submit to any type of leadership themselves and end up walking only in their potential.

There have also been seasons that I have been under leadership I did not agree with. The temptation lied in whether I submitted or I got out from under covering.

I felt that my purpose was being stifled simply because I believed I wasn’t being used to my fullest potential by my leadership. However, I submitted to the process.

God desires my radical obedience above all else. In an age of self-promotion, where everyone can be an instant influencer by simply uploading content to their social media, it can be easy to fall prey to pride.

We start replacing our commitment to submit to God’s voice and our local body of leaders with promoting our own agenda. If it seems that our leaders are trying to block us from reaching our potential, we simply bypass the process of discipleship and start creating our own platform.

This is a scary place to be. Just look at the recent headlines in Christendom. Leaders are falling prey to the trap set by the devil himself: “You don’t need God or the church, you can do this on your own!”

Listen y’all, God wants you to be successful and walk out a life you love. Not because it looks the way you want it to, but because it has the eternal weight of God’s purpose.

God doesn’t care if you’re Instagram is littered with impressive content depicting you reaching what you believe is your full potential. He wants you to live radically obedient to his instructions!

God’s purpose for you life will always glorify him more than you!

Have you ever received a “word from the Lord” in which someone told you that you have incredible potential? I have!

At first hearing that I had potential was exhilarating. I have potential? Yay!

However, the weight of those words began burdening my heart. I wanted there to be more to me than just potential to do something. I wanted to be actually doing something.

More than having the possibility of walking out what I believed to be God’s one “calling” for my life, I wanted to make sure that I was walking in purpose.

What did it matter to be fulfilling some possibility of what God wanted for my life but it all was just be about me? Why would I want to pursue endless possibilities and yet step outside of God’s perfect will?

I want to leave a mark on this world that transcends my name, influence or status. I want people to remember what God did through me, not what I did through God!

Enjoying this post

I don’t want to use the name of Jesus as a covering for my Christian self-gratifying campaign. To walk out God’s purpose for your life means setting aside what you believe is your potential and humbly following the Lord’s instructions for you.

This means not everyone will know your name but everyone will know who sent you. I am reminded of this verse in the Bible:

15 God also said to Moses, “Say this to the people of Israel: ‘The Lord, the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, has sent me to you.’ This is my name forever, and thus I am to be remembered throughout all generations.

Exodus 3: 15

When people speak of me, I want them to say that it was my God who sent me!

Move over from potential into PURPOSE!

Lastly, I understand that all of us want to feel like we are not wasting opportunities or missing open doors. There is nothing worse than living an entire lifetime to get to our deathbed full of regrets.

But please understand that when God calls us to a thing, oftentimes it will not look as glamorous as we thought it would. The sacrifice of forsaking potential for purpose is immeasurable. It feels like we missed God’s true calling!

However, because potential is a “maybe” and God’s purpose is a “yes and amen,” you can trust God’s words. You are not missing the mark, you are standing right on target!

Despite what you obeying God looks like right now, I promise you it gets better. At first, I thought accepting a pastoral position was a huge miss because of how hard it was. However, I am so grateful for the woman God has processed me to become through my radical obedience.

You are meant to fulfill a purpose and not remain in the realm of your potential. You may have the potential to be a worship leader, entrepreneur, speaker, pastor or leader, but what is God calling you to be right now?

Trust the process and surrender your potential to God’s eternal and immovable purpose for you life!

Always praying for you!

About the Authors

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Our names are Carla and Paola. And yes…we are identical twins! We are pastors, ministers and young women who are absolutely in love with Christ. Our passion is to empower other young women through the message of Jesus Christ to fulfill their live’s purpose.

Although we are young (24 years old if you’re wondering) we have been preaching, teaching and serving in ministry for almost ten years. We hope that through our writing you may be encouraged and empowered to step into the calling that God has over YOUR life.

Thanks for reading!

Always praying for you,


What Real Friendship Looks Like

If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled in the area of friendships. I’ve had a hard time identifying those that I can call friend or refer to them as someone I just know.

When I was in elementary school, I was always quick to call a new acquaintance my best friend. I was so happy to meet a new person that I immediately started sharing my secrets with them.

Clearly, this was not a good idea.

The following day I would hear that my new best friend had another best friend and my little heart would be broken. It was at this time that my mother taught me an important lesson. You cannot call everyone your friend.

Friendship is a beautiful thing. God created us to crave relationship and connection to those around us. However, it’s important to be picky with who you allow into your inner circle.

So, here is how you can identify those that should be part of your tribe!

1) Ask yourself: “How do I feel around this person?”

The first thing you should consider when figuring out if you should develop a friendship with someone is how they make you feel. I am not saying that all important decisions should be based on feelings, but someone who makes you feel drained or depressed isn’t going to be a good friend.

I’ve had friends that as much as I loved them, they did not do me any good. They constantly complained or gossiped about other people and the relationship remained very superficial.

I was constantly drained by their incessant chatter that was neither uplifting or plain old Godly.

Even if you enjoy someone’s company or find them fun to hang around, please proceed with caution. I have people in my life that while I enjoy their company, they do not have access to my friendship circle.

I can have dinner with them, catch a movie, or hang out in groups together. However, they are not people that I would be quick to call part of my tribe!

2) Consider the testimony of those you befriend!

Please be careful with this one! It can be easy to fall prey to a spirit of gossip when asking information on an individual.

If you have heard that a person you are getting close to is a gossiper, catty, has jealous tendencies, or disrespectful towards those in authority in their life, run for the hills, sister!

I once was encouraged by a close friend to get to know another girl in our church. She said that this girl would be a great addition to our circle of friends. However, I hadn’t received the best recommendation about the girl from other sources.

In fact I could tell that she and I wouldn’t really click. I was a leader at my church and while I though she was kind, I wasn’t comfortable with starting a friendship with this person.

Slowly, as I kept my distance and observed the girl, I received my confirmation. This would not be a healthy person to befriend!

Remember the old saying: “Tell me who you hang around with and I will tell you who you are.”

If someone’s testimony or lifestyle would do harm to your own reputation, stay away! You can kindly and politely step away from someone who you would not like to be associated with.

It takes prayer and discernment to identify the qualities in a person that would make them a good friend. Please pray and be observant!

3) Be intentional. Be intentional. BE INTENTIONAL!!!

I used to complain about not having deep friendships ALL. THE. TIME!

I would constantly throw my hands up and complain to God for not having meaningful friendships. My frustration would grow as I would drift away from people I had considered my best friends at one point in my life.

One day, God spoke to me very clearly about this area in my life. He told me that the reason I didn’t have any close friendships was because I wasn’t pursuing them!

Just like a romantic relationship, a friendship must be intentional and pursued to bear any type of fruit.

If you haven’t texted that friend in over 3 months just to check on how their doing with school and work, how can you expect the friendship to blossom?

By taking care of the friendships in your life and showing interest in the lives of your friends, you create meaningful connection. Every so often, I will send out a text to a friend I haven’t heard from in a long time.

If you know someone close to you is going through a difficult time, extend them a helping hand or offer them a listening ear. Some of my most meaningful friendships were birthed after I decided to show up for a friend during a hard time.

Whether it’s bringing that friend ice cream after a breakup or getting all your girls together for an overdue girls night, creating deep friendships is all about keeping connected with your people! Slowly, they become part of your tribe.

4) Find something in another that you would like to have in yourself.

Okay, before you misunderstand, I am not commending stealing from or being jealous of someone for having something you don’t.

What I’m simply saying is that you should want someone in your tribe who has qualities you admire. For example, I have a friend who loves missions and has traveled to half a dozen countries sharing the message of Christ. I admire her bravery and selflessness when it comes to serving others. I love having her in my tribe because she brings out those qualities in me!

Oftentimes, we are tempted to hang out with those who seem to be at a worst place than we are because it makes us feel better about ourselves. We don’t want to be around other amazing women who will call out greatness in ourselves.

I used to get easily intimated by women I assumed had it all figured out. They were career women, leaders in ministry and very confident. I am learning that I shouldn’t avoid these women, I should try to befriend them!

We should aspire to establish community with people who will push to be the best version of ourselves!

5) Look for your biggest supporters.

Real friends fight for each other and support each other. I think it is such an important marker of a true friend when you share your dreams with your friend and they are as excited about them as you are!

A real friend will not be jealous or bitter about your successes. They will celebrate you just as they know you would celebrate them.

If you have a friend in your life who distances them self when you are going through a great season or becomes passive aggressive towards you in the midst of your milestones, may I submit to you this might not be a good friend!

Someone who truly loves you and cherishes you will celebrate with you without seeing it as a threat to them.

6) While real friends will support you, they will also be quick to speak what you need to hear, even if you don’t like it!

I have noticed in my personal life that there are people who will be quick to praise you and tell you how amazing they think you are. But, behind closed doors, the motives of their hearts are insincere.

Check out this proverb:

Better is open rebuke
    than hidden love.
Faithful are the wounds of a friend;
    profuse are the kisses of an enemy.

Proverbs 27: 5-6

I love that I have people in my life that will not only tell me when I’m doing things right, but they will be quick to correct me when I’m doing things wrong.

Encouragement and support are a great asset to friendship. I am the first to admit that. But, I would rather have people around me who will point me in the right direction, whether I like it or not, rather than continue cheering me on in the wrong direction.

Ladies, this means you need to surround yourself with praying friends!

7) Friends that pray together, stay together.

I love that the amazing girls in my life are prayer warriors. From my sister and mother, to my best friends, these are all praying women.

If I ask my friends to pray for me, I know they will. Also, I know that they are the type of women that if I’m facing a battle, I can send them that 911 message and know they will keep me in their prayers.

Sister, seek out friends who would rather pray for you than seek out juicy gossip to share with others. A mature woman of prayer will be the type of friend who will get up and kick the devil’s butt rather than sit on her butt and cry with you. Let alone share your private information with the rest of the world!

When I’ve been stuck in a rut, I thank God for friends and family who won’t let me sulk and feel sorry for myself. Rather, they’ll tighten their bootstraps and go to war with me and for me.

Final thoughts…

Finding real, genuine friendships theses days can be a daunting task. But please, be encouraged in knowing that God designed us to be in relationship. If you lay the desire to have a tribe of your own at the feet of Jesus, trust me, God will come through sis!

There are amazing, like-minded women out there who would love to be part of your tribe. We would love for you to be part of ours.

As always, we are praying for you!

Much love,

Our names are Carla and Paola. And yes…we are identical twins! We are pastors, ministers and young women who are absolutely in love with Christ. Our passion is to empower other young women through the message of Jesus Christ to fulfill their live’s purpose.

Although we are young (24 years old if you’re wondering) we have been preaching, teaching and serving in ministry for almost ten years. We hope that through our writing you may be encouraged and empowered to step into the calling that God has over YOUR life.

Thanks for reading!

Always praying for you,

The Truth About Being Young and in Ministry

Debunking the Common Myths and Misconceptions

As a youth pastor in my church, I hear from many teenagers and young adults that they feel they are called to work in ministry to some capacity. They feel a tug in their hearts to serve God, but they just aren’t sure of what that looks like right now. 

I can clearly remember being around fourteen years old and feeling as God laid on my heart a passion for ministry. I would dream of getting to bring forth a sermon at church or leading worship. I could see myself traveling to other countries to preach about Christ. 

All of these things I have done and more and I am under 25 years of age!

I obtained my ministerial credentials from the Assemblies of God when I was only seventeen years old and then became a Certified minister at nineteen!

I’ve had the incredible privilege of being under amazing leadership and pastors who saw my potential and most importantly, allowed me to step into it. While many people told me I was too young to be in ministry or obtain credentials, I had to follow God’s call for my life.

Maybe you think you are too young to be in ministry and leadership. Maybe others, possibly much older than you, have made you feel incapable or inexperienced.

Well, I’m here to share with you my journey and debunk the lies you may have heard or believed.

Let’s do this!

Myth #1: You are too young to be influential to those that are much older than you.

This particular lie was one that no one told me directly to my face but I just believed based on how those older than me made me feel. As always, there will be people who won’t believe in or support the call of God on your life.

Now, being a single woman in my twenties, I am aware that there will be specific life situations I cannot speak into. I have never been married or raised children, so I cannot advice others in those areas.

However, I can still set an example of a Godly lifestyle for those who are older as the apostle Paul instructs:

12 Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.

1 Timothy 4:12 (ESV)

If someone makes you feel less because you are young, please be encouraged that age is but a number. I have met other young people in ministry who display greater spiritual maturity than their older counterparts.

I remember one specific instance in which an older woman (she could be my mother) came up to me after a church service to model her outfit to me. I awkwardly stared at her without understanding what she was doing.

She then explains that she was inspired by my modesty and took inspiration from my style to start dressing more modestly herself. I tried not too laugh but I found the ordeal very sweet.

Without realizing it, I was teaching this older woman an important lesson on modesty simply by displaying it myself. Pretty funny, right!

Myth #2: While you’re young, you should focus solely on school or trying to find your future spouse rather than serving in ministry.

As a young, unmarried twenty-something year old, this highly offends me.

Okay, I’m not really offended but this belief is quite common among young women who serve in ministry. We are often told that serving in leadership positions in church will be a hindrance to our studies or our love lives.

I remember one time an older woman (now this one could be my grandmother) telling me that the young men in my church probably found me and my friends intimidating because we all served in leadership.

I was a mess. I started second-guessing my calling and thought I would have to step down from ministry in order to find my husband.

Who is going to want to date a girl who’s a pastor in her early twenties? No one!

Obviously, this is not true.

I know some incredibly talented and passionate woman of God who are highly effective in ministry. And, yes they are single and educated.

In life there is a season for everything. Paul teaches us in scripture that while we’re single we have a gift that allows us to devote more time to serving God and expanding His kingdom here on earth. It’s a simpler life!

1 Corinthians 7:7

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do want to get married, but most importantly I want to be faithful with the assignments God gives me right now! Many people actually meet their spouse while serving God faithfully in whatever field God has assigned to them.

Also, I was able to attend college full-time, work and serve in ministry all at the same time. Was it hard? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Please, don’t believe that working in ministry will hinder growth in the area of education. It takes hard work and balance, but it’s doable if you manage your time and energy well.

Myth #3: Because of your age, you can only effectively preach to other young people.

So this myth ties into the first one I spoke about. I remember when I was younger I only felt that I could preach to other teenagers because no one else would listen to me.

However, I was surprised when I would preach on a Sunday morning and many middle aged baby boomers would express how touched they were by the message. I was only nineteen!

Now, I did get many speaking engagements to preach at local youth services or youth events. I understand that my age makes it easier to engage with a younger audience.

Despite this fact, I have learned through my years in ministry that God speaks through anyone to anyone. If your audience has willing hearts, they will receive the message no matter your age.

I have learned through my years in ministry that God speaks through anyone to anyone.

I have to be honest. I have gotten backlash and criticism in the past from older ministers due to my preaching style or the way I would lead worship.

When you’re young in ministry, you will make a ton of mistakes. I still cringe at the memory of some of things I said out of immaturity while ministering on the platform.

However, despite your different style of ministering, God will allow you to touch the lives of those you minister to, regardless of their age or yours.

Myth #4: Certain leadership positions within the church should be reserved only for older ministers.

Before becoming the youth pastor at my church, I had dreamed for years of leading young people. All throughout my early twenties I had a huge passion for middle and high school students.

However, when I expressed this passion to my leaders, they were quick to point out that I was too young to fulfill such an important role.

This was devastating for me.

I allowed the lie that certain leadership positions were not meant for me until I was older to keep me comfortably seated on a church pew. I was involved in ministry but I wasn’t pouring my heart out in service like I could have been. I was conforming to a standard others set for me.

While that has changed now, I never want to discourage another young individual from dreaming that they can effectively lead others. I believe that God positions us in His perfect timing, and that timing doesn’t always align with the ideas that others have of young people in the church.

Please be encouraged that if you have a dream to lead others or start a ministry, don’t let age define you. Do not pass up opportunities presented to you simply because you believe you will not be considered or respected because of your age. Do it anyways!

And if you are rejected, trust the God who called you. If He called you, He will position you in His perfect timing.

These are most of the common myths that I have believed or have heard about being young and in ministry. Now, I am only twenty-four years old, so sometimes I do struggle with believing these lies.

As an associate/youth pastor at my church, I have to constantly remind myself that my age is not a hindrance. It’s a blessing!

Getting to serve Jesus at a young age means I have the energy and time to devote myself more faithfully to the work of spreading the Gospel!

Have fun being young, y’all!

Much love,

Our names are Carla and Paola. And yes…we are identical twins! We are pastors, ministers and young women who are absolutely in love with Christ. Our passion is to empower other young women through the message of Jesus Christ to fulfill their live’s purpose.

Although we are young (24 years old if you’re wondering) we have been preaching, teaching and serving in ministry for almost ten years. We hope that through our writing you may be encouraged and empowered to step into the calling that God has over YOUR life.

Thanks for reading!

Always praying for you,

Don’t Just Read Scripture, Do Scripture

Inaction is something that I’ve struggled with for a long time. I know what to do, I just don’t want to do it. My mother always says that my favorite words are “I know.” Every time she tells me that I need to do something I respond with “I know, mom.” She always rolls her eyes and replies, “If  you know what to do, why haven’t you done it?”

I guess in this season of my life I’ve realized how much I have struggled with ambivalence. I know what the right choice is but I overanalyze and allow my feelings to get in the way of a concrete decision. 

I wrote a blog once on how to overcome confusion and indecision and it has blessed my life to go back to those words. Check it out here.

As I get older and a little wiser, I’m learning that you can’t go through life knowing what to do but never actually doing it. The core of our character as Christians is knowing how to apply the truth of scripture to our daily lives. 

It’s one thing to know truth and another altogether to do what’s true.This is how you go from being a baby believer to a mature follower of Christ. 

True faith requires action. 

James himself says:

18 But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. 19 You believe that there is one God. You do well. Even the demons believe—and tremble! 20 But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead?

James 2:18-20 (MSG)

Ouch! If this does not convict you to your core I would advise you read it again. If we say we have faith in God but our lifestyle and choices reflect bondage to sin, confusion and self-reliance, we might need to reconsider the health of our faith.

Start walking out your faith.

James is suggesting that though our works do not save our souls or make us right with God, they are the key evidence that we truly are saved!

Even the demons believe in Jesus and tremble at the sound of his name! So believing is only the beginning of walking out our new faith. Because faith is just that, something you have to walk out.

We’ve all heard the saying: “You can talk the talk. But, can you walk the walk?”

I want to be a woman so full of integrity that I will not speak words that I cannot live out in secret. Something very powerful that I have learned from my pastor (which also happens to be my momma) is that you cannot preach what you are not living out. Our lives preach much louder than a Sunday sermon!

The instructions in scripture are meant to be followed, not just merely recited.

May I suggest that possibly the reason some people find scripture so boring to read is maybe because they don’t view it as instructions. Sometimes we only view scripture as inspirational quotes piled into a book we call the Bible. 

I feel like we live in the midst of a generation that would much rather post about scripture and faith in their social media than live it out in their daily lives. That’s way too easy! I myself have fallen prey to this behavior.

Listen, my dear sister, we can highlight and annotate our bibles until we are blue in the face. I personally love taking down notes in my Bible! However it is not until we step out and actually put into action what the Bible is telling us that we will live victorious lives.

Our faith as Christians relies on a combination of knowledge and action. That’s what makes being a child of God so exciting and transformational.

God teaches us to live whole lives and then gives us the empowerment to live that kind of lifestyle. You are not alone when it comes to putting scripture into practice. Jesus’ teachings were relateable and practical because he wanted the people he taught to grasp the simplicity of a Godly lifestyle.

As much as we love sharing Bible verses on Instagram and Pinterest, I want to encourage you to also post them on your heart. One of my favorite Bible verses reads:

I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.

Psalm 19:11(ESV)

If there is no heart connection to scripture, to the point that what we read becomes conviction, we will never feel “inspired” enough to actually live it out.

Being disciplined is at the root of living out scripture.

Living in the middle of a society that encourages you to do what makes you feel good, I understand that me telling you to be fully obedient to the commands in the Bible is hard. Not everything the Bible instructs us to do feels good in the moment because they are spiritual disciplines.

You might not want to pray everyday, read the Bible or even fast, but these things are good for you. Overcoming the battle of the mind and the flesh starts by making little decisions throughout your day that are backed by truth.

I know, I know. You’ve heard this from your pastors and leaders countless times. But, I want to share with you how to practically start living out your faith. 

Keep a lookout for my next post for practical tips to becoming more spiritually disciplined!

Make up your mind.

There are many things we as humans have no control over, but our mind is not one of them. If we want to live out the Bible, we have to make a solid decision that we will do so.

Sounds simple enough, right? Just make a choice and boom, you are on your way to transforming your life. Perfect!

But that’s not how it really works. Personally, I have struggled with being disciplined because though I say I have made a decision to do so, I still leave room for the things that were roadblocks. 

Making a decision to not allow your emotions and flesh to dictate your lifestyle begins by taking immediate steps to set yourself up for success. Decisions have to be backed my action. Your own strength will fail you, but if you take the necessary steps to cut ties with unbiblical living, you, my dear friend, will surely win!

My prayer for you.

My desire is that you would grow in your walk with God. If you just started attending a local church or getting serious about your faith, know that I am always praying for you.

Walking with God is counter-cultural, challenging and at times it seems impossible. From every angle we are being fed ideas and values that go against the lifestyle we are trying to emulate. But you’ve got this, sister!

I pray that God may give you the strength and perseverance to live a lifestyle that honors Him, following the instructions given to you through God’s word. Keep at it.

I believe in you!

Our names are Carla and Paola. And yes…we are identical twins! We are pastors, ministers and young women who are absolutely in love with Christ. Our passion is to empower other young women through the message of Jesus Christ to fulfill their live’s purpose.

Although we are young (24 years old if you’re wondering) we have been preaching, teaching and serving in ministry for almost ten years. We hope that through our writing you may be encouraged and empowered to step into the calling that God has over YOUR life.

Thanks for reading!

Always praying for you,

What Does It Matter?

I can’t count the times I laid in bed contemplating my success versus my failures. I would fret over what those around me were thinking about my accomplishments, or the lack thereof. The opinions of others often became the object of my obsession. My chest would tighten as I contemplated my day and the multiple times I felt I wasn’t enough. Eventually, the sense of insecurity in my own identity would feel like a heavy weight that I couldn’t bare.

Was that too honest?

See, I’m convinced I am not the only one who has judged herself so harshly. Many of us face a similar struggle. We discount God’s own work in our lives because of what others say but, God wants to bring peace to the anxiety that so often grip our hearts as a consequence.

In such a social world, where we can share glimpses into our daily lives in a matter of seconds, it’s no wonder so many of us weigh the opinions of others so heavily. We have the ability to filter our lives so that our audience sees only what we allow them too. It would seem that all is perfect, but that just isn’t plausible. Look at what Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 3:10 (ESV),

10 Indeed, in this case, what once had glory has come to have no glory at all, because of the glory that surpasses it.

This portion of scripture is speaking of the law of the Jews and of the sacrifice of Jesus. I believe though, that this also applies to us in the sense of how we measure ourselves.

See, so many of us compare our appearance to what we see on social media. We measure the rate of our success based on what see others do. Yet, God has a much better standard for us to measure us by. It’s called, obedience.

Don’t get nervous on me, sister. I know this word can be hard to swallow. Many of us have been disappointed with authority figures in our lives, whether it’s parents, family, teachers, supervisors, you name it. Perhaps, those whose opinion mattered to you the most, was never a good one. Yet, God is so pleased with us.

We don’t have to try to impress God with fancy words or acts, the simple fact that we are His children makes Him happy. He rejoices with our successes and comforts us in our failures. When others abandon us, He sticks around. Why? Well my friend, He’s in this for the long run.

I want to leave you with one of my favorite bible verses found in Deuteronomy 31:8 (ESV),

18 It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

With love,

Carla Lopez, Co-Founder of Empowered Beauty


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Our names are Carla and Paola. And yes…we are identical twins! We are pastors, ministers and young women who are absolutely in love with Christ. Our passion is to empower other young women through the message of Jesus Christ to fulfill their live’s purpose.Paragraph

Although we are young (24 years old if you’re wondering) we have been preaching, teaching and serving in ministry for almost ten years. We hope that through our writing you may be encouraged and empowered to step into the calling that God has over YOUR life.

Thanks for reading!

Always praying for you,

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What To Do When You Don’t Get What You Want

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving break is already over! The year has flown by so fast!

I enjoyed getting to spend time with my family and friends last week. Also, we are all out of leftovers in my house, which hurts more deeply than what you can imagine.

One thing we still have though is our gratitude. I am so incredibly thankful for all that God has done in my life this past year. As unexpected as life has been these last few months, I have enjoyed watching God turn it all around for my good…even if He didn’t give me everything I wanted.

Be grateful in the unexpected.

You know that feeling you get when you were really hoping to get something specific for Christmas only to find out that it’s not what you wanted when you unwrap the box. Then in front of all of your family and friends you to try to fake a smile and act surprised.

“This is exactly what I wanted!” you exclaim, hoping no one will notice your disappointment.

Then, once you get home, you take whatever was given to you and you put away in a box or store it in the bottom of a drawer, never to be seen again.

You publicly thank the people who gave you the gift, putting on a brave face in front of everyone, but when you are alone, you secretly grumble.

Am I talking from experience? You better believe it!

It is so difficult to be grateful when what we receive is not exactly what we were hoping for. In life, we can often feel like we miss out on bigger things than the Christmas gift we wanted.

Sometimes we don’t get the job we prayed for or the relationship we were in doesn’t work out. Sometimes we lose friends or someone we love gets sick. Life can be disappointing.

No one is ever hoping and praying that life will fall apart. We all want happiness and for all our dreams to come true. We set timelines for ourselves by which we hope to achieve our goals. We are always expecting the best but never prepared for the worst.

However, we have a hope as children of God that sustains us in the unexpected circumstances of life.

God watches out for His children.

Alright, so here is a funny story. Bare with me.

I am not an experienced babysitter, which makes it an extremely nerve-racking experience for me whenever I am asked to watch someone else’s children. My goal for the night becomes to keep the kids unscathed and alive until their parents return.

While my godbrothers’ mamma was in labor with her third child (another boy of course), I had the challenging task of watching her two year old and  one year old all by myself. I was freaking out.

Now, the two year old, Sam, decided that he was going to jump off our couch, soar through the air and land on a cushioned chair three feet away.

I, like the responsible adult I am, was not going to let that fly (pun intended). By the second time Sam tried the maneuver, he was on the floor with both feet in the air. That was all it took. I put the chair away.

Obviously, Sam was not happy about that, so a round of complaining ensued. Eventually, I was able to distract both Sam and his brother by throwing pillows and blankets on the ground and turning on Netflix (my savior).

What little Sam did not understand is that what I took away from Him was for His own good. Children don’t often understand why they don’t get what they want or why grownups take objects away from them. We are actually acting with their best interest in mind.

Just like a parent, God will not give us something that will harm us or that we are not ready for. He wants what is best for us, even if it doesn’t look like what we wanted.

However, as we mature in the Lord, we have to respond with grace and patience when faced with less than desirable outcomes to our waiting and praying. Here is what it means to have patience:

“Patience: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.”

If you just read that and cringed, you’re not alone. The statement above hardly describes me either, but I’m learning. 

As I get older, I am learning to handle not getting what I want like a champ. I don’t always throw a tantrum when I don’t get what I want like a child anymore.

Life hardly ever works out how we want it to, but we can embrace an attitude of gratitude, accepting that God always knows what He is doing.

Gratitude is not settling.

I, by nature, have a very short fuse. I don’t know if it’s my Latina genes or if it runs in my family. It might be a combination of both.

I don’t like to wait around for life to happen to me. If I want something to happen, I want it to happen my way and in my timing. However, as I have matured in the Lord, I’ve realized that this mindset isn’t really healthy.

I always assumed that sitting back and remaining calm was a sign of passivity. When I was a teenager, I can remember instances when I would blow up on someone because I believed a situation was unjust. I had no filter and would always allow my emotions to control me.

Through the years of being processed by the Lord through different situations, I have learned to still my heart when things seem to not be working in my favor. I stop, breath and whisper a prayer to God: Papa, you know what’s best for me.

However, just because I did not get what I hoped for and decided not to lose my mind, doesn’t mean that I’m settling for whatever. Instead, I’m choosing to believe that God has more in store for me.

Some people think that because I remain calm or “go with the flow” that I’m less passionate than they are. Wrong! I’ve just learned to be still and trust God in every season. I like fighting my battles in secret!

I don’t always do it perfectly, but I’ve learned that watching God work in the background is more fun than losing my marbles in the moment. It is completely worth it.

By choosing to be still, I am telling God that I want Him more than I want my blessing. He is truly all I want and need to be satisfied and happy. 

Embrace your season with joyful expectancy.

I am so thankful that God has not always given me what I wanted. I look back at situations I found myself in at one point in time and cringe at the thought of what could have been if God had not stepped in when He did.

Looking back at those moments helps me to embrace my current season with joy. Sure, life may not have turned out how I expected, but God surpassed my expectations.

God has always been faithful and He will always continue to be!

So, here’s what I really want you to understand: 

If you didn’t get what you wanted trust that God has something better. I can’t even begin to count all the times that I felt God was ripping something away from me, only to later surprise me with something way better.

Because I have seen God’s faithfulness so often in my life, I’ve developed this sense of joyful expectancy. I am always excited to see what God will do next!

Final thoughts.

I hope that next time that something doesn’t work out the way you expect, that you remain still in God and choose to be grateful for God’s protection. 

It can be tempting to let disappointment overwhelm us, especially when we believed that getting what we wanted would have lead to our ultimate happiness. But, there are things that we will want and hope for but will not fit into God’s perfect plan for our lives. Trust that God knows what He is doing in your life.

You have a future and hope that is real and secure.

Always praying for you,

Carla and paola flowers

Hello there!

Our names are Paola and Carla. And yes…we are identical twins! We are pastors, ministers and young women who are absolutely in love with Christ. Our passion is to empower other young women through the message of Jesus Christ to fulfill their live’s purpose.

Although we are young (23 years old if you’re wondering😉) we have been preaching, teaching and serving in ministry for almost ten years. We hope that through our writing you may be encouraged and empowered to step into the calling that God has over YOUR life.

Thanks for reading!

Always praying for you,