My thoughts about God’s unconditional love. So, I recently made a life altering decision. I got a puppy! I have never really considered myself an animal person. I had a dog for about fourteen years and hardly paid her any mind. Until she was gone. No, she’s not gone gone. But, she no longer livesContinue reading “WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT GOD’S LOVE FROM MY NEW PUPPY!”

God Doesn’t Just Want You to Reach Your Potential, He Wants You to Fulfill His Purpose

I believe that the millennial generation struggles deeply with this idea of reaching your potential. As I millennial myself, I wrestle with the notion that God has this one calling for our lives that we must achieve against all odds. For a long time I believed that I existed on this earth to reach myContinue reading “God Doesn’t Just Want You to Reach Your Potential, He Wants You to Fulfill His Purpose”

What Does It Matter?

I can’t count the times I laid in bed contemplating my success versus my failures. I would fret over what those around me were thinking about my accomplishments, or the lack thereof. The opinions of others often became the object of my obsession. My chest would tighten as I contemplated my day and the multipleContinue reading “What Does It Matter?”

What To Do When You Don’t Get What You Want

I can’t believe that Thanksgiving break is already over! The year has flown by so fast! I enjoyed getting to spend time with my family and friends last week. Also, we are all out of leftovers in my house, which hurts more deeply than what you can imagine. One thing we still have though isContinue reading “What To Do When You Don’t Get What You Want”

Feeling spiritually dry? Get your passion back!

I think we can all agree that life can be very, very busy. As young women in the 21st century, we may be juggling jobs, school, ministry, family, hobbies, friends and more. Finding the time to slow down, pray and be in God’s word can be difficult or nearly impossible. However, we should never allowContinue reading “Feeling spiritually dry? Get your passion back!”