What Does It Matter?

I can’t count the times I laid in bed contemplating my success versus my failures. I would fret over what those around me were thinking about my accomplishments, or the lack thereof. The opinions of others often became the object of my obsession. My chest would tighten as I contemplated my day and the multipleContinue reading “What Does It Matter?”

Why I Am Not Letting Satan Steal My Peace Anymore | 4 Practical Tips on How to Control Your Emotions

โ€ฆand not let them control you. I completely lost it. I was in the middle of a meltdown and there was no way for me to stop the river of tears that were now flowing from my eyes. I was frustrated, disappointed and heartbroken. My life had taken some unexpected turns and my emotions wereContinue reading “Why I Am Not Letting Satan Steal My Peace Anymore | 4 Practical Tips on How to Control Your Emotions”

How to Fall in Love With Reading Your Bible

5 tips for engaging with scripture and making reading the bible FUN! There is nothing I love more than sitting down with a sweet drink in hand, colorful highlighters, a pen and my precious ESV Two Column Journaling Bible from Crossway. I love reading the Bible and digging into the truths found in such aContinue reading “How to Fall in Love With Reading Your Bible”

3 Boundaries to Set in a Romantic Relationship

I wrote a post a while back about setting boundaries in romantic relationships and what that is all about. Here, I’m referring to dating relationships, or when two people are getting to know each other for the purpose of discovering if they are compatible for marriage. Now, I want to dive a little deeper intoContinue reading “3 Boundaries to Set in a Romantic Relationship”

4 Ways to Have More Fun this Summer, While Still Growing Your Faith

…while getting closer to God. Summer here in Florida is in full swing. Temperatures are in the high 90’s every single day which is perfect beach whether. However, as fun as this season can be, summer is also a great time to invest in you walk with the Lord while also having a great timeContinue reading “4 Ways to Have More Fun this Summer, While Still Growing Your Faith”

The Battle In My Own Mind

Ahhhhh, the mind… Have you had an interaction with someone, and walked away thinking… Did they like me? Did I say something wrong? Why did they give me that look? Was there something in my teeth? Maybe I did say something wrong? Why don’t they like me? Oh well, fine. I don’t like them either.Continue reading “The Battle In My Own Mind”

Overcoming Anxiety and Fear

Battling anxiety and fear are such private struggles, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, when was the last time you sat down with a friend and blurted out every irrational, silly, ridiculous fear that has grabbed at your heart for years. When did you ever express how your fears keep you from seeking out that dreamContinue reading “Overcoming Anxiety and Fear”